Tuesday 24 October 2017

School attendance case is adjourned

IN FURTHER adjourning a father's court case, a District Court judge warned that his teenage daughter's attendance at school will ' have to improve'.

A further adjournment has been made in a case where a father is charged in relation to his daughter's poor attendance at school.

The case was adjourned from the previous week where Judge Gerard Haughton gave the teenager's father two choices - walk his daughter to school or face one month in prison.

Last Tuesday's sitting of Wexford District Court heard the girl was in school on Tuesday, the day of the court hearing, however, the previous Wednesday, the day after the last court session, she went missing from school after lunchtime.

Solicitor Gerry Flynn said the child's father is making 'meaningful progress' in the case.

Judge Haughton adjourned the case until this Thursday and said he will not be satisfied with the same record of attendance next week.

'It will have to improve,' he warned.

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