Tuesday 20 August 2019

School may lose three teachers

ONE New Ross Primary School fears it will lose three essential resource teachers following last week's Budget cuts.

The principal of CBS Primary School, Brian McMahon, slammed the cuts, calling them ' cynical' and 'short sighted'.

' There are removing a support for children with learning difficulties... Effectively they are just removing resources for primary school children,' he said.

With children from the settled Travelling community making up 20 per cent of their student population, the CBS will be hit hard by the plan to withdraw resource teachers for Travellers at primary level.

This measure is being introduced so that educational teaching supports to Traveller students will now be provided on the same basis as other students.

' Our Travelling children are very well integrated and settled. They are part and parcel of the school. We have our resource teacher because of the high proportion of Traveller children in the school,' explained Brian.

' Years ago before resource teaching it was very, very difficult and here we are now post Celtic Tiger and we are heading back into the 1950s.'

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