Tuesday 16 January 2018

Scouts clear poo and plastic from Wexford beauty spot beach

By David tucker

The clean-up machine - members of the 13th Wexford Scout Troop.
The clean-up machine - members of the 13th Wexford Scout Troop.

Members of the 13th Wexford Scout Troop were stunned to find that a recent clean-up of one of the county's main tourist beaches and beauty spots turned up 20 bags of rubbish.

Cub leader Dara Synnott said 55 cubs and scouts taking part in the clean-up, from Ballinesker to Culleton's Gap, collected rubbish, ranging from dog excrement in plastic bags to assorted bottles, other plastics and fishing nets.

Dara said a lot of the dog rubbish was dumped in the dunes which were cleared by the scouts while the younger cubs concentrated on the beach itself.

'We collected 20 bags full of marine litter that will not be eaten by fish or kill marine animals,' said Dara.

The operation was part of national Clean Coasts Week and was aimed at clearing beaches of rubbish and harmful plastics which will eventually work their way through the food chain.

Dara said the event also provided an opportunity to raise awareness of the long-term threat posed by micro beads which are contained in some personal care products and which end up being washed down the sink.

He said the next scout clean-up would take place at the Raven.

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