Saturday 18 January 2020

Scramblers fail to hamper progress

Some of the damage caused to the freshly laid Three Rocks Trail.
Some of the damage caused to the freshly laid Three Rocks Trail.

Padraig Byrne

Despite setbacks caused by a number of motor cross bikes ripping up newly laid trails, work on the Three Rocks Trail on Forth Mountain is really beginning to take shape.

Barntown Heritage Group had voiced their dismay at the actions of the motorcyclists in question, seriously hampering the efforts to greatly improve different paths across the Three Rocks Trail.

'It's sickening to say the least,' the group said in a statement. 'Why these people feel that they have the right to tear up a trail and have a total disregard for other members of the public, we will never know.'

The ongoing work aimed to make paths more accessible for walkers, runners and less mobile members of the public and as a result of the damage caused by the scramblers, they had to be re-levelled, 'costing money which could have been spent on other parts of the trail, such as trail furniture'.

Wexford Off Road Motorcycle and Quad Club were vocal in their support for Heritage Group.

'With members of the gardaí and Wexford off road living very close by and local residents keeping an eye, you will be caught,' they warned. 'Bikes will be seized and also the possibility of a venue for future charity events would be down the swanny thanks to some idiots. Vehicle registration numbers have been taken and passed on.'

Luckily, the damage didn't delay the €100,000 project too much and the surface was repaired within a couple of days. The surface upgrade at the Skeater Rock section of the trail, is now open to walkers and runners. Works are under way on the Drooping Rock section of the trail and for safety reasons, members of the public are asked to use alternative walking routes during this period. Trail waymarkers, information signs and benches will be installed in the coming weeks.

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