Sunday 19 November 2017

Security firm chief offers free service to Council



A WEXFORD MAN has said his company will provide a free monitoring service for lifebuoys on Wexford Bridge if they are installed there, to prevent against the threat of vandals.

Frank Flanagan, of Crimewatch Security Systems, made the offer after County Council official Niall McGuigan last week said he would be concerned about vandalism and theft if the lifesaving devices were provided there, as this happened in the past when lifebouys were previously there.

Frank has also said that if the council does not buy the lifebuoys he will head-up a fundraising campaign to purchase them.

'We at Crimewatch have our very own state-of-the-art secure 24 hour CCTV and Alarm Monitoring Control Centre in Wexford,' said Frank. 'From here, we monitor security systems across Ireland and we also monitor live CCTV systems from our clients' premises.'

'Providing the correct type of lifebuoy is purchased - in an enclosed casing, the same as the ones on the quay front - we would be in a position to alarm each lifebuoy casing and monitor the devices 24 hours a day, 365 days a year from our control room,' said Frank, pointing out that he has staff there 24/7 already.

'Obviously we would be willing to provide the detection equipment, installation and the monitoring free of charge on a permanent basis,' said Frank.

Frank said the benefits of such a system would mean that Crimewatch would be in a position to identify exactly which was opened (or tampered with), allowing an even more exact response from the Gardaí and emergency services.

'What we would recommend to the local authority to compliment this, however, is that they extend the town CCTV system to include a 360-degree camera in the middle of Wexford Bridge,' said Frank.

' The purpose of that is, if our operator reports an "activation" from a particular lifebuoy on Wexford Bridge to the Gardaí, the Gardaí can then pan that camera around to the lifebuoy in question and verify whether it is vandalism or a genuine incident - allowing them to alert the Coast Guard without delay,' explained Frank.

'In the event of vandalism, it would also allow them to identify the culprit immediately and pass details to the nearest patrol car,' he added.

A seasoned sea angler, Frank headed up the popular and ultimately successful Facebook campaign last year to protect Wexford and the south east's 24hour rescue helicopter service.

'I visit Co Wexford beaches at least three or four times a week, mostly at night and I would not be as eager to go if these services were not in place,' he said.

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