Wednesday 16 October 2019

'Sedentary' habits of county raised

Cllr Fergie Kehoe
Cllr Fergie Kehoe
Cllr Tony Dempsey

A REPORT by Sports Active Wexford has highlighted how County Wexford people are below the national average when it comes to exercising.

Presenting the report, Sports Coordinator Fran Ronan said 14.1 per cent of Wexford people are deemed to be sedentary according to a new survey, compared to the national average of 13.2 per cent. Ms Ronan said Sports Active Wexford is focussing on getting children involved in sport from as young an age as possible.

She said the organisation has links with the FAI, Leinster Rugby and the GAA, along with other nationally renowned bodies.

The meeting heard that €1.7m in funding has between provided to the organisation over a seven year period, while since 2008 there has been a marked increase in sporting activity among older adults, women and teenagers. 'Cycling needs to be developed in the county as Wexford is lagging behind. We have a high level of volunteers in GAA clubs and a high level of participation in team sports.'

Sports Active Wexford's 2015 strategy focusses on increasing sport activity at schools across the county, while working with the HSE to promote healthy behaviour. There are also programmes planned for working with people with disabilities, members of the Travelling community, migrant groups in the county and with women and girls.

Chairman Cllr Malcolm Byrne praised Ms Ronan and her team for their hard work.

Cllr Fergie Kehoe said Wexford County Council has contributed hundreds of thousands of euros in funding to Sports Active Wexford over the years.

'A lot of people ask what the county council does and this is just one aspect of the work it does.'

Cllr Tony Dempsey urged the body to develop and promote hurling for people in wheelchairs, while Cllr Davy Hynes said the all round benefits of a healthy lifestyle cannot be underestimated, especially when mental health problems and the growing obesity levels are factored in.

Director of Services John Carley said through Wexford Sports Active Wexford people are taught to play games properly, adding that more future Grand Slam winners could one day hail from the county.

Ms Ronan said plans for developing a hurling team for disabled people in the county are advanced.

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