Sunday 20 October 2019

Seized dogs were in 'horrendous condition'



A NUMBER of dogs in ' horrendous condition' were seized from a small breeder in the Castlebridge area last weekend, with one of them having to be put down.

Wexford Gardai were called to accompany the WSPCA to the home of the man on Friday morning and a Garda spokesman said they found four dogs living in very poor conditions.

The Garda spokesman said that they were in a very small shelter, with a small run and that there was 'a significant amount of faeces' in it, while the dogs themselves were in very poor health.

It's understood the WSPCA were tipped off by a woman in Dublin who bought a Shih Tzu puppy from the Wexford breeder recently only to find later - when she brought it to her vet - that it had lungworm and rickets.

Barbara Bent, Honorary Secretary of the ISPCA said the dogs, a Labrador and three Shih Tzus, were taken from the breeder and one of the Shih Tzus had to be put down.

The other two had to be completely shaved and receive veterinary treatment for a range of issues. 'Their skin was in a very bad way,' said Ms Bent.

'One of the most unfortunate little bitches rescued last Friday was too far gone to be rehabilitated and sadly had to be euthanised on veterinary advice,' said Ms Bent.

'Wexford continues to produce many of the little, high-maintenance breeds and they are kept in dreadfully unacceptable conditions to sell to unsuspecting members of the public, who sadly only realise the plight of their newly-acquired puppies once they have been paid for and taken to their vet to be checked,' she said.

'Ignorance is frequently used as an excuse for such neglect, but greed and indifference would be a more suitable description of the actions of these breeders,' said Ms Bent.

Ms Bent said that the ISPCA is now 'urgently pleading' with our the government to ' be pro-active and enact the Dog Breeding Regulations'.

A spokesman for the Department of the Environment said that the 'commencement of the Dog Breeding Establishments Act (2010) is awaiting the passage of the Welfare of Greyhounds Bill, which is currently before the Oireachtas'.

' The Welfare of Greyhounds Bill is the responsibility of the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food. It is intended that the two bills will commence simultaneously,' he said.

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