Sunday 18 March 2018

Serial thief is sent to prison


A DRUG addict responsible for a number of house burglaries, was sentenced to eight months in prison by Judge Donnchadh O'Buachalla at Wexford District Court.

Colin Roche, Flat 2, Trinity Street, Wexford pleaded guilty to stealing from houses in Wexford between May and September of this year.

Among the offences he was convicted of were a burglary at Dun Derrow, Clonard on September 3 in which he stole €420 in cash, an Apple Ipod and personal documents; a burglary at Woodlawn, Clonard on May 24 in which he took a camera valued at €700; a break-in at Ard Carman on September 4 in which he took a Nokia mobile phone; the theft of €1,000 in cash and other property at South Main Street on September 15; the theft of car keys in Blackwater on September 2, and the possession of heroin at Kennedy Park on September 15.

Garda Leonard Casey said during the Ard Carman robbery, the woman who owned the house came back and disturbed him in the process of the theft.

He left most of the items he had intended to steal but took the mobile phone with him. It was subsequently recovered.

In reply to Sharon Cooney, the defendant's solicitor, Garda Casey agreed that he was not aggressive towards the owner of the house whom he met at the side of the property, as he left.

In relation to the theft at South Main Street, the money was contained in a handbag which was taken from a chair.

Ms. Cooney said the 32-year-old defendant, a father of two children, was pleading guilty to a substantial number of charges. He also had a large number of previous convictions.

She said her client had an ongoing addiction to drugs but up to May of this year, he had managed to stay clean. His last offence was in 2007.

He was in a supportive relationship which broke down and this seemed to have precipitated the fall-back into drugs, she said.

Judge O'Buachalla said the public needed to be protected.

He sentenced him to terms of six months and two months in prison, to run consecutively.

He fixed recognisances in the event of an appeal.

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