Monday 19 August 2019

Severe flooding prompts call for action

Severe flooding in Bridgetown village last Wednesday
Severe flooding in Bridgetown village last Wednesday
Severe flooding in Bridgetown village last Wednesday
Cllr Mick Roche

Brendan Keane

Severe flooding in Bridgetown village has prompted a local councillor to call for immediate action to address the situation before it's too late.

Speaking to this newspaper Cllr Mick Roche said 'an immediate job of work needs to be carried out on the Bridgetown canal' while emphasising that the flooding, which occurred following heavy rainfall on Tuesday night, is far from a once-off occurrence.

His comments came in the wake of a substantial amount of water overflowing onto the street from the canal which runs through the village.

'I have been pushing for funding to made available to do a major operation on the canal for the past few years,' said Cllr Roche.

'We have particular areas of the village that are subjected to the treat of flooding at times of heavy rain and high tide,' he added.

'This has been the case for many years now.'

He said the flooding overnight between Tuesday and Wednesday was 'particularly bad' and threatened the nearby commercial park.

Cllr Roche commented that with the village identified by Wexford County Council as being an extremely important hub in south Wexford its imperative that the local authority carries out flood-prevention work on the canal immediately.

'Bridgetown is an up-and-coming village with a growing young population,' he said.

He added that while the County Council plans to develop the area greatly over the coming years work needs to be done straight away to prevent more flooding occurring.

'Many businesses have opened in the village over the past five years and we are pushing to create a vibrant economy here,' he said.

'All of this is endangered by the continuing treat of floods that we face,' he added.

'Last Wednesday, most of our businesses were left empty and local residents once again faced flooding damage [and] this cannot be allowed to continue.'

Cllr Roche is now calling on the local authority to put an emergency plan into operation to tackle the flooding issues once and for all.

The canal was constructed between 1850 and 1853 and is around five miles long. It was initially part of an drainage and reclamation scheme and was used as a transport navigable system up until the 1940s.

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