Saturday 7 December 2019

Sewage gushing from the ground

Cllr David Hynes at the site where raw sewage is spewing from the ground in Maudlintown.
Cllr David Hynes at the site where raw sewage is spewing from the ground in Maudlintown.

Maria Pepper

Residents in Maudlintown have to put up with raw sewage from the rest of the town gushing out of a large hole in the ground during heavy rain.

The residential area is on the sewage network route from Wexford to the town's treatment plant in Drinagh at a point where the capacity of the pipes has been problematic for a number of years.

The residents keep complaining and the District Council responds by carrying out small remedial works but the problem keeps recurring, sending raw sewage spewing onto the ground, especially during downpours.

'It's been going on for about six or seven years. It's all the waste from the town. It goes through Maudlintown in pipes across the railway tracks in front of Harbour View. There is a bend in the pipe and the sewage is coming up through manhole covers', said Cllr. David Hynes who was contacted by residents again last week during a prolonged spell of heavy rain.

'It seems that when it's raining, the pipe is not able to take the flow and the manhole covers come up.

'One of the manhole covers had to be screwed to the ground because it was lifting right off,' he said.

'The Council did work on it again last week but it's not working. They filled in the area around it but it came gushing back out again. There's two massive holes.

'There's a serious health and safety issue here. This is raw sewage spilling out. It's not nice to have that near houses. The smell is terrible when the weather is warmer. There are also a number of food factories in the vicinity including Danone and Wexford Creamery.

'It needs a major job of work and a bigger pipe. I raised it at a Council meeting a year ago and was told they would try and solve it but it's still happening.'

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