Wednesday 13 December 2017

Sex assault accused didn't want a solicitor


A MAN facing a sexual assault charge but refused a solicitor was told 'would you listen to me, I'm trying to help you, but dear God you are putting every obstacle in my way,' by Judge Patrick Clyne at last week's sitting of Wexford District Court.

The 56-year-old is charged with committing the offence at a healthcare facility in the county on November 8, 2010.

He appeared before the court on foot of a bench warrant, having failed to appear on October 4.

The man told Judge Patrick Clyne there were 'very serious ongoing psychological difficulties' involved.

'Keep your mouth shut,' warned Judge Clyne, noting that ' the third party is not in a position to speak for themselves'.

The man said he hadn't appeared on October 4 because he wasn't feeling well and the gardai said there was no objection to bail and the case was adjourned until Gorey District Court on November 8.

'Can I make a point? It's very important,' asked the man.

' There is a very disturbing history to this,' he continued.

Again, Judge Clyne cautioned him to be quiet, saying that the case ' may well be heard in camera'.

The man told the court he had a solicitor based in Wexford but said ' I find solicitors are somewhat unwillingly to go to Gorey. I'd rather represent myself.' ' You need a solicitor,' said Judge Clyne. 'I asked a solicitor in Wexford who said she doesn't travel to Gorey,' replied the man.

' You need a solicitor,' repeated Judge Clyne. ' Frankly I think it's in your own best interest and I advise you to have one.'

The man replied ' a friend of mine on a similar charge was advised by his solicitor by plead guilty so that the judge would be lenient'.

' Would you listen to me. I am trying to help you, but dear God you are putting every obstacle in my way,' said Judge Clyne.

He fixed the man's bail in his own bond of € 500, remanding him on bail until November 8, and noting the 'accused doesn't wish to have a solicitor assigned'.

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