Monday 14 October 2019

Shining a light at last on John Barry statue

The John Barry statue
The John Barry statue
Work at Henrietta Street as part of the Crescent Quay revamp

Pádraig Byrne

For the first time since being installed back in 1956, the iconic John Barry statue is to be illuminated as part of improvement works at Crescent Quay.

While the statue of the father of the American navy regularly peaks the interest of tourists, remarkably there has never been anything to light the memorial up at night time.

Cllr George Lawlor was delighted that the statue will now be lit up and says it's something which has been a pet peeve of his for years.

'I had made representations to the head of special projects Eddie Taaffe and Sean Meyler of special projects that this be included in the works on Crescent Quay,' he said. 'I have tried for many years to get this iconic statue lit up, but the extent of the works required had proved prohibitive.'

'When we knew that works were going to be ongoing at Crescent Quay anyway, I asked that this work be carried out,' he said.

'I'm delighted that the necessary ducting and cabling that's required will now be carried out and the statue will be lit up going forward.'

'It's unbelievable to think that it's been in darkness since it was erected,' he added. 'But for the first time since 1956, John Barry will see the light!'

Meanwhile, works on Henrietta Street as part of the revamp of Crescent Quay have been progressing well as workers have taken up most of the road surface. The street remains closed as work is ongoing, meaning that, as a result of the Bull Ring also currently only accommodating traffic one way, access to the quay for motorists has been severely curtailed.

'It was important that that street had to be closed off in order to complete this work,' Cllr Lawlor said.

'However, the workers are endeavouring to re-open the street as possible. It is a vital artery to the quay front.'

Meanwhile, Cllr Lawlor suggested that businesses on the street had been very understanding while the work is ongoing and are confident that it will greatly improve the area.'

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