Thursday 19 September 2019

Shipwreck among local sites being researched

A Cherish photo of Kilmichael Point.
A Cherish photo of Kilmichael Point.
An INFOMAR sonar image of the City of London wreck in the sea off Kilmore.

By Maria Pepper

Among the sites being investigated as part of the Cherish project is a shipwreck of the 19th century vessel The City of London which is lying under the sea off Kilmore.

The national marine mapping programme INFOMAR which is managed by the Geological Survey of Ireland and the Marine Institute, has already published sonar images of the underwater wreck.

The ship was en route from San Francisco to Liverpool in January 1875 with a cargo of wheat and salmon when it struck St. Patrick's Bridge and eventually ran aground on Tacumshane Beach, east of Kilmore Quay. The wreck is approximately 70 metres in length.

Another point of interest is a 19th century structure that is under threat of being lost due to active erosion at Kilmichael Point in North Wexford which is believed to form part of the historic coastguard station complex in the area.

Another site which has been heavily eroded is Glascarrig motte and bailey in Ballygarret where Diarmuid Mac Murchada landed in 1167 on his return from Wales after travelling to England to enlist the help of Henry 11 to recover the Kingdom of Leinster from Rory O' Connor. Henry 11 sent troops including Richard de Clare (Strongbow) and this began the arrival of the Anglo-Normans in Ireland.

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