Saturday 25 November 2017

Signs could cause crash as M11 services dispute rumbles on

Fintan Lambe

Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) has said it will either repaint over the signs for the Gorey service station on the M11, or temporarily remove them, as a legal dispute prevents it from opening.

Work on the site at Ballyellen finished in May 2015, and the tender to operate the facility was awarded to Topaz.

However, in August 2015, the SuperStop 2 consortium involving Applegreen and Tedcastles Oil Products launched a challenge in the Commercial Court over the awarding of the tender.

The TII is spending almost €16,000 per month to keep the empty premises secure and lit.

Signs had been placed along the motorway to inform motorists of the service station ahead. The text was painted over while the station remained closed.

However, after such an extended time, the paint has worn off, and there are now fears that a motorist, especially in the tourist season, could try to take the turn for the service station and crash into the concrete barrier which prevents access.

Sean O'Neill, spokesperson for the TII, said the signage will either be repainted or temporarily removed and put into storage until the legal issues are resolved and the facility is open.

Wexford County Councillors were recently informed that there may be a development in the legal dispute in the near future, but even if that happens, it will take six months to a year for the premises to be fitted out and open for business.

Wexford People

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