Sunday 22 September 2019

Silt turns iconic Crescent into a dump

The Crescent, no longer the blue lagoon of Anthony Kelly's youth.
The Crescent, no longer the blue lagoon of Anthony Kelly's youth.

By DAvid Medcalf

The €3 million development plan for the Wexford Quays will have to include proposals to tackle the silting up of Crescent Quay, elected representatives urged.

The councillors were told that consultants will be hired shortly to draft the plan, which will also have input from elected representatives and the general public. The glistening mud flat which greets tourists stopping at the John Barry statue was raised by Mayor George Lawlor.

He traced the build up of muck back to the collapse of a couple of ducts during the construction of the marina arm.

He felt that passing motorists now see a dump when the area should be full of water and used to provide water sport opportunities for children.

Cllr Anthony Kelly recalled a time when the crescent was filled with clean blue water.

Cllr Fergie Kehoe suggested that the designers of the marina would have done well to follow the advice of local fishermen and build the arm on stilts: 'As it is, it's an eyesore,' he remarked.

Council engineer Sinead Casey was sceptical about dredging as a cure, suggesting such a remedy would be expensive and that the silt would only return.

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