Sunday 20 October 2019

Singer Tommy Sands pays homage to Ireland's Own



SINGER-songwriter Tommy Sands visited Wexford last Friday as part of his ' 32 Counties of Ireland in a Month and a Day' tour.

The renowned musician, a member of the famed Sands family from Co Down, is playing a county each day at venues of significance to him around the country.

In Wexford he chose the office of Ireland's Own as he said it ties in with the theme of his tour, which has seen him ' sing new songs about the ravages of the so-called Celtic Tiger and also songs about the spirit that has withstood much greater pain from the past'.

Tommy said that he has been travelling the world, playing everywhere from the Mid West to the Middle East from the West Bank to West Bengal, but he felt it was time to reconnect with people at home.

' We've lost out on a lot and I think people are now reconnecting with something deeper inside them,' said Tommy. 'People were growing garden gnomes and now they're growing carrots and spuds,' he joked.

Tommy has played large theatres like the National Concert Hall in Dublin and more intimate venues of all shapes and sizes across Ireland, with his Ireland's Own gig falling into the latter category.

He sang some of his wellknown folk songs there on Friday afternoon, including ' There Were Roses'.

' The Ireland's Own belongs to a more simple period of all our lives, perhaps a deceptively simple period,' said Tommy, expressing his affinity with the magazine that his parents bought when he was younger and he buys today.

' It perhaps even more relevant now though, in light of what we have been through here. It encourages friendship and patriotism in the real sense of the word - looking after each other,' said Tommy.

'I wanted to pay homage to the Ireland's Own. It's our past and I think it's our future too,' he said.

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