Monday 19 August 2019

Singing nuns help rescue missing parrot who has Wexford accent

Maria Pepper

Well-known Wexford barber Trevor Goodison had some divine intervention in recovering his pet African Grey parrot Shankly after it escaped from his Bishopswater home last week.

The 15-year-old parrot named after the Liverpool manager Bill Shankly, flew out an open window and disappeared for two days apart from a sighting in Pineridge. 'We would often let him out of his cage in the house and he got startled when our dog Lolo shook herself off after she had been washed last Monday night at about 8.30 pm and he flew off in the direction of the apartments behind Bishopswater', said Trevor who appealed on Facebook and on South East Radio for people to keep and eye out for the exotic bird.

Shankly is fond of bad language, especially the F--- word, speaks in a distinct Wexford accent, is able to wolf whistle and loves to eat chocolate biscuits. 'A girl spotted him in Pineridge on Tuesday evening. She tried to call him but he flew off', said Trevor who runs a popular Wexford barber shop. 'I went up there the next morning and searched around but I wasn't able to check in St. Peter's College because I had to go to work so my father Jimmy and his partner Sue drove up there and started whistling for him'.

'They spotted him about 50ft up a tree. I went up again and Alan Corcoran of South East Radio also arrived on the scene. Shankly was still up in the tree and the crows started attacking him.' The uncooperative Shankly wouldn't get into a bird cage that was placed on the ground to try and lure him down.

'A friend of mine, Kenneth Bergin came up in his van. Shankly flew off in the direction of Ard Aoibhinn and Kenneth went after him. He saw him being attacked by crows again and he saw a red feather falling from a tree.'

The parrot flew around and landed on a roof of the Mercy Convent opposite the GAA Park where the nuns came out to offer assistance.

At the convent, Kenneth was joined by Trevor's father and by his brother Kenny who secured a ladder to climb onto the roof.

Said Trevor: 'The nuns were singing 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' which is his favourite song. When you whistle that for him, he's very happy. They were also saying a few prayers for him to come down'. Kenny climbed onto the roof and threw a blanket over Shankly before carrying him in his arms to safety, much to his owner's relief. 'I was so delighted, I can't believe we managed to get him back. The crows nearly got him a few times', said Trevor and he thanked everyone, including the Mercy sisters for their kindness and help.

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