Thursday 19 September 2019

Slipway delayed

THE installation of a slipway at Ferrybank had been delayed, councillors were informed last week. The project was part of a €700,000 programme of spending for Wexford Harbour. Speaking at a county council meeting, Cllr. Padge Reck advised officials to talk to potential users of the slipway before finalising the design. The independent public representative also suggested that some of them were worried that prohibitive charges would be applied.

Director of water services Eddie Taaffe pointed out, by way of reply, that any charges will have to be set by the elected public representatives. He stated that the design of the slipway was being modified to mitigate possible environmental impact.

The matter was being discussed with the Department of the Environment and the wildlife service. The issue was complex, he suggested. He hoped at one stage that the slipway would be in place by the end of the year but this now appeared unlikely. On the issue of consulting those likely to use the facility, he undertook to talk to fishermen when more detailed proposals are available.

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