Monday 23 October 2017

South Wexford farm and castle sell for €950,000

By David tucker

A South Wexford farm which includes a period house and the ruins of a 13th Century castle has been sold for just under a million euro.

Auctioneer John Keane sold Ballycogley Castle for €950,000 at auction last week.

Prior to the sale, Mr Keane said he had received a steady level of interest people from local and distant farmers, as well as inquiries from Dublin and the UK about the property which includes 77 acres of farmland.

During the auction at the Talbot Hotel, Mr Keane took an opening bid of €700,000. With the help of three bidders, the sale price rose past the €800,000 guide price to €850,000, at which stage Ballycogley was declared on the market. The hammer finally dropped at €950,000 to a County Wexford buyer.

'It was a good result and the auction was well attended,' said Mr Keane, 'it's fantastic farming property'.

The current owners bought Ballycogley about 20 years ago and went about refurbishing the two-storey period residence. This included a new roof, new wiring and new plumbing.

The original Ballycogley Castle still stands, although now in very poor shape, dating probably from the 13th Century. The castle is within 100 yards of the period residence. Following the invasion of Henry the Second the family of Wadding was among the early colonists planted in Forth and Bargy and first established at Ballycogley Caste.

One of these, Robert Wadding, was Chief Sergeant of Wexford town 1356 to 1357 and Thomas Wadding was Sheriff of Wexford in 1383. The castle also has the distinction of being the birthplace of the Most Reverend Luke Wadding, Bishop Of Ferns, in 1679.

Ballycogley was forfeited after Cromwell and Richard Wadding is found in the list of those transplanted. Down through the years the castle passed by marriage into the family of the Barringtons where it remained until early in the last century. Apparently Ballycogley Castle was sold in 1921 by a cousin of Major Charles Barrington from Cornwall.

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