Thursday 14 December 2017

St Peter's says only outside school hours... but CBS and Vocational College back colourful campaign


WEXFORD schools are divided over the Irish Cancer Society's Shave or Dye campaign, with dyed hair outlawed in the classrooms of at least one local secondary school because of school rules.

Teenagers in Wexford are reaching for the bleach and dyeing their hair in increasing numbers this year. Already, more than 605 Co. Wexford people have registered for the Today FM Shave or Dye fundraiser, compared to 118 in total in 2011.

A big percentage of them are young people, especially boys, who are enjoying the mass opportunity to sport yellow, red, yellow or green mohicans.

But the rainbow hair fundraiser has highlighted the differing policies of Wexford second-level schools on the issue of madly dyed hair.

St Peter's College is against students sporting brightly coloured hair in the classroom because it's against the general code of presentation.

'We are encouraging any of our students who want to get involved in Shave or Dye to do so outside of school hours,' said principal Robert O'callaghan.

' They had the mid-term week in February and they have the two weeks of Easter coming up,' he said.

The CBS secondary school has a different approach.

'We have about 40 students so far who have dyed their hair for the campaign,' said Transition Year coordinator Ciara Spellman.

'It's a charity event and if lads want to go uot and raise money for charity, we are very willing to facilitate it,' said Ciara.

'I think so many of them, as well as the staff, have been touched by cancer that they realise how important it it.'

' They are all very proud of themselves for doing it,' Ciara added.

Emer Ryan, the principal of Wexford Vocational College, said it doesn't bother her if students come to school with pink hair.

'We have no policy on hair dye. I don't mind it as long as they come into school, do their work and abide by the code of conduct.'

'It's not an issue as far as I'm concerned. We do have a policy on facial piercings but that's for health and safety reasons,' said Emer.

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