Tuesday 17 July 2018

St. Senan's step closer to closure



ST. SENAN'S HOSPITAL moved one step nearer to full closure this week with the opening of the Tús Nua unit on the other side of Enniscorthy. The move brings the number of beds in the one and a half century old redbrick institution down to around the forty mark.

Tús Nua - translated from the Irish as new beginning - caters for patients who were previously looked after in the pre- discharge unit at St. Senan's. The brand new outfit was purpose built in the campus of St. John's Hospital, though it is run separately from St. John's.

The 12- bed high support hostel cost € 3.2 million to construct and fit out.

St. Senan's, where 500 patients lived at the beginning of the seventies, is now more an administrative centre than a working hospital. With more units being built in the grounds of St. John's it is expected that the last beds will go from the landmark building some time next year.

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