Sunday 15 September 2019

St. Senan's workers fearing closure next year

STAFF AT St. Senan's Hospital are bracing themselves for complete closure of the place early next year. Worried workers were informed this month that the licence for the admissions unit at the psychiatric hospital, which dates back to Victorian times, has been cancelled by the Mental Health Commission with effect from next February.

With the number of patients in the vast red brick building already down below the eighty mark most nights, it is only a matter of time before it is closed down altogether.

H.S.E. executives seem determined to transfer the admissions unit, described by one staff member as the beating heart of the hospital, out of the county altogether to Waterford Regional Hospital.

Morale among staff in the hospital has dropped as the prospect of continued employment on the site appears remote and the importance of the withdrawal of the Mental Health Commission licence begins to sink in.

Disgruntled employees point out that the long mooted closure comes shortly after an expensive new boiler system was commissioned recently for the central heating system at St. Senan's.

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