Sunday 20 October 2019

Star says he'd love to be able to give up drinking forever

Paul McGrath was back on the playing field on Sunday, as he togged out for a friendly in County Meath as Ashbourne FC marked the opening of their new pitch with a friendly match against eircom League side, Shamrock Rovers.

McGrath played for 45 minutes in the match, on a weekend in which he also spoke candidly about his battle with the booze, and how he would love to be able to stop drinking completely.

'I'd love to go the rest of my life and not have a drink,' he said. 'There are times when drink owns men, times when it meant more than playing for Ireland. Nothing else matters. Everything goes out the window, even your children.

'All you are thinking of is your brain not having to think about things it is supposed to be thinking. I'd love to be able to say that I'll never drink again. But I honestly know that I'm going to be in a situation, maybe being asked to go to something, where I'm going to be gripped by fear. There are very few times when I'm free of that anxiety,' he said.

With regard to his recent troubles in Tullamore, he said: 'The most upsetting thing was letting my mum down. I didn't ring her for four days afterwards. I was nervous as hell, ringing my own mother to apologise, terrified of saying 'Man, I swear to Christ, I didn't mean to end up this crazy situation. I'm so, so sorry'.'

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