Thursday 17 October 2019

Starving mare found in Crossabeg field gets a second chance thanks to WSPCA

Zara when she was found in a poor condition.
Zara when she was found in a poor condition.
Zara in much better health.

By Amy Lewis

A thoroughbred mare found emaciated in a field in Crossabeg has been given a second chance after being rehomed by the WSPCA.

The horse, who has since been named Zara, was found abandoned in a field in recent months by the landowner. Members of the WSPCA went to the field with a vet and an inspector and discovered her starving and in a very poor condition.

'She was so weak that she could hardly get into the horse box to be rescued. However, we managed it and brought her to my place. She was attended to by our vet and we slowly brought her back to her feet,' said Anne Kirwan of the Equine WSPCA. 'I had her for two months to give her the chance to recover. You have to be very careful in how you approaching the feeding programme for a starved horse. It has to be very slow as their digestion can't take the sudden change. Also, they are usually fully of worms so need timed worm doses.'

Over the last number of weeks, Zara has gained weight and almost fully recovered. She has recently been adopted by Taghmon residents Gillian and David Dunlop.

'We are so grateful to families like this who adopt equines. People are not aware of the amount of horses we rescue. We currently have about 10 that we are caring for and will be ready for adoption shortly,' said Anne. 'Zara has a microchip and we will trace her owners if we can, see what circumstances she was in and try to highlight the plight of unwanted horses like her.'

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