Tuesday 20 August 2019

Steer well clear of this shambles

REKOIL is one of those games that really defies the consensus that to be a game developer you would have to be reasonably intelligent. Clearly, this game was made by people who have little or no imagination and a definite lack of sense.

Unbalanced, bugged and with little to offer anyone, Rekoil's mertits could easily be summed up in a paragraph, while its failings could fill a library.

Right off the bat, things didn't look great for this title. Only a small number of servers had enough players to make a proper game, with only two of the predictable seven game modes available being in use (Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch, surprisingly).

There are six classes available, each with a number of main weapons to choose from: the Sniper and Shotgunners have a selection of five, and the Assault, Recon, and Heavy Gunners have six, though the Rocketeer has just the one rocket launcher.

It's a fair enough spread, but the horrific movement means that everyone has to be ridiculously accurate or you'll never hit a thing. Even the distinctions between the classes aren't exactly set in stone. A Rifleman's Steyr Aug is just shy of being as powerful as the Sniper's Dragunov, meaning long range battles between the two classes are pretty even, when they really shouldn't be.

Speaking of balance issues, you could just as easily play this game using just the combat knife, and still do just fine. It is a weapon of mass destruction, a two-slice killing machine that gives you an added speed bonus when it's in your hand.

In maps like Subway, which is dark, underground, and full of corners and tunnels, it's an absolute riot to use; sprinting at an enemy, dodging left and right to hopefully avoid being shot, as soon as you're up close against a now panicking gunner you'll almost certainly win.

To be fair, it's not overpowered in all the maps. City Park, for instance, is a wide-open area where a city hall building overlooks a fountain area. It's a map built for sniping, and trying to dominate with knife kills there is almost impossible.

But it's a map that's also home to plenty of other errors. The worst of these are the unprotected spawns that drops players into the action in a storm drain right below a balcony used by snipers. They can see right down into the area and snipe.

The Prison level suffers this sort of baffling layout: it's an otherwise-decent space with lots of opportunity for different tactics, but one of the spawns on an upper corridor is easily camped. I've been caught in the crossfire between teams within a second of spawning.

Overall, Rekoil just begs one question - how did this title see the light of day? Steer well clear of this shambles.

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