Sunday 18 March 2018

Still no officer for Juveniles

WEXFORD'S Chief Superintendent John Roche has still not been given approval to appoint a Juvenile Liaison Officer (JLO) to the northern half of the county.

The county currently has only two JLOs, one based in Wexford and one in New Ross and Chief Supt John Roche has been pushing to get a third appointed, to be based in either Enniscorthy or Gorey.

Chief Supt Roche informed Monday's Joint Policing Committee (JPC) meeting that he has still had no word from his counterpart in the community relations section of the Gardaí, based at Harcourt Square in Dublin, who has to sanction the appointment. 'I'll keep as much pressure on as possible,' he said.

Deputy Michael D'Arcy said that if the northern part of the county had a JLO the Gardaí and the State could save a lot of money down the line if that officer could steer even just one juvenile away from trouble.

He also pointed out that the largest school in Ireland, Gorey Community School, is in the northern half of the county. He said that, despite the school's best efforts, ' because it's so large some students are falling through the cracks'.

Chief Supt Roche pointed out that the northern half of the county is not completely without JLOs, as the officer based in Wexford also covers Gorey and the officer in New Ross does extend his reach to Enniscorthy.

'However, it's not ideal, I'd much prefer to have someone stationed in Gorey or Enniscorthy,' he admitted, pointing out that he has made his argument 'very forcibly'.

The Chief Superintendent also clarified that the JLO would not be a 'new' appointment, but would have to come from within the current force at his disposal in Co Wexford.

The JPC members agreed to send a letter to the Chief Superintendent in community relations responsible for the decision, while each of the county's TDs will also pen individual letters calling for the appointment of the third JLO.

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