Thursday 27 June 2019

Store reopens after shock crash through doorway

The front of Petmania in the wake of the incident
The front of Petmania in the wake of the incident
Damage to the BMW

Anna Hayes

Petmania in Wexford Retail Park is open and trading as normal following a shocking incident in which a car crashed through their front door on Friday afternoon.

The accident occurred at around 12.20 p.m. when a woman driving an automatic BMW collided with two cars, before crashing through the front door and window of the store, causing huge damage to the shop front but, thankfully, no injuries to staff, customers or animals.

Gardai and the ambulance service attended the incident and the driver was treated at the scene.

Petmania informed customers, via social media, that they would be closed until further notice.

Emmet Moloney, an employee in a neighbouring store, said he was in work with another staff member when they heard the commotion.

'We were down the back of the shop and we heard this unmerciful bang. We got to the front door just in time to see the car driving out of Petmania, the same as if it was coming out of a show room. There was glass everywhere.'

Mr Moloney went to the car to speak to the driver who was distraught. He spoke to the woman and her son, who was in the car but was also in shock. Two other women subsequently came along to comfort the driver. He complimented the staff in Petmania who, he said, had remained remarkably calm given the shock of the situation.

The store remained closed on Friday with staff members ensuring that no one entered the premises while a clean-up operation was carried out.

A spokesperson for the company said that contractors were on site within hours of the incident to help secure the premises. Most of the damage, she said, was structural.

'The most important thing is that nobody was injured.'

She said that while the store might not have the prettiest doors at the moment, they were functional and it was business as usual at the store.

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