Wednesday 17 January 2018

Strawberry stalls now taking contactless payments

Eamonn Creane and family picking strawberries.
Eamonn Creane and family picking strawberries.

STRAWBERRY stalls, which are common roadside landmarks in Wexford during the summer, have gone high tech and are now accepting contactless and cashless payments.

Greenhill Fruit Farm, which has been selling Wexford strawberries at roadsides and at festivals for 27 years, says its stalls have all been equipped with GPRS-enabled contactless payment terminals that will allow shoppers to pay with minimal fuss, even in remote locations. Each stall will sport an beach flag displaying contactless payment availability.

The new contactless terminals will be provided by BOI Payment Acceptance (BOIPA), a technology alliance between the Bank of Ireland and EVO Payments International. Contactless payment allows businesses to process more transactions, and benefit from reduced banking costs and less exposure to theft or misappropriation of cash.

'We're extremely pleased to support Greenhill Fruit Farm with BOIPA contactless payment technology. For many, the appearance of Wexford strawberry stalls marks the coming of long summer days and warm weather,' said Barry Gray, Head of Marketing at BOI Payments Acceptance. Eamonn Crean, Managing Director of Greenhill Fruit Farms, said: 'The introduction of contactless payments will make it easier and quicker than ever before for customers to purchase our famous strawberries and enjoy a taste of the Irish summer.'

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