Sunday 18 March 2018

Supply conviction for man who hid 17 bags of drugs worth €600 in his neighbour's house

A MAN who stored 17 bags of speed in a neighbour's house to avoid detection, was convicted of having amphetamines for sale or supply by Judge Donnchadh O Buachalla at Wexford District Court.

Jonathan Brown, 28 Ferndale Park, pleaded guilty to the offence and had his case adjourned to December 20 for a Probation Report.

Garda Leonard Casey told the court that he searched an upstairs bedroom in a neighbour's house on September 25, 2008 and found the amphetamine valued at €600. Garda Casey said the defendant owned the amphetamine which he had for the purpose of sale or supply. He left them in a neighbour's house to avoid detection in his own house.

He agreed with Ed King, solicitor for the accused, that he co-operated fully with the gardai and said he had no further concerns about him.

Mr. King said his client was 21 years old. His parents were separating at the time and he engaged in the activity to make some money.

It was a serious mistake on his part and he was concerned about the implications of a conviction if he wished to travel.

He was never involved in this type of activity before, it was a one-off, he said.

Judge Donnacha O Buachalla said the defendant was supplying a significant number of people with drugs.

He adjourned the case for a Probation Report, commenting that he hoped it would be positive but he said a conviction would have to be recorded.

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