Thursday 22 August 2019

Switch to private bin providers 'would be seamless'

WEXFORD County Council has moved to reassure its refuse customers that they do not need to look for a new wheelie bin provider and has told them that if it does eventually sell its service to a private operator there will be a 'seamless transition'.

A letter has been issued by the local authority to all its customers advising them that it has begun 'consultation with a consortium of advisors for financial, legal and environmental advice on the possible sale of the refuse service'.

However, the council, which has been losing significant numbers of customers to cheaper, private operators, said the process could take five to six months, after which time a decision will be made whether to off load its refuse service or not.

In the letter, Dymphna O'Connor, Refuse Unit Business Manager, told customers the council has not entered negotiations with any private refuse collection company.

However, the sale of the refuse collection service looks increasingly likely once the consultation process is over.

' The council will ensure continuity of service at a similar level by any takeover company and customers will not need to seek alternative arrangements for their refuse disposal,' said Ms O'Connor.

She said that the council, if it sells the refuse business, will seek a condition of sale that the takeover company would have to maintain the existing levels of service to customers for at least one year and promised a 'seamless transition'.

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