Monday 19 March 2018

Takings down in New Ross

MRS QUIN'S Charity Shop has experienced a twenty per cent drop in its income in the past year alone.

The Bridge Street outlet is down a few hundred Euros a week in income according to Manager Marie Nolan.

' We are seeing a difference since the recession. Incomes are down because people haven't got the money to pay,' said Marie.

' When the rent is taken out, as well as the water rates and electricity it all adds up,' she added.

The worrying drop in income, which all goes to the National Council for the Blind of Ireland, was first noticed by Marie in mid 2009.

'All of 2008 going into the start 2009 was really good for us. We have now even noticed a drop in the numbers of people coming into us compared to before,' she said.

According to Marie fewer people are donating their clothing, trinkets and accessories to Mrs. Quin's for resale and instead she believes are opting to hold onto them and pass them on.

' We are not getting as many people as before coming in to donate items. I would say they are holding onto the stuff and passing them on like years ago,' said Marie, adding that the shop is constantly looking for good quality to items to sell on.

'It is tough in the business at the moment but it is tough everywhere really. Hopefully we will stick it out, even to keep going as it is at the moment would be something. The situation really would worry you though,' added Marie.

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