Wednesday 17 January 2018

Talbot Green to feature on single

By David Tucker

The cover of Corner Boy's new single with Padraig Grant's picture of Talbot Green.
The cover of Corner Boy's new single with Padraig Grant's picture of Talbot Green.

Talbot Green is to have some stardust sprinkled on it after a photograph of it taken more than 30 years ago by Padraig Grant was chosen for the front cover of Corner Boy's latest release 'Untie the Noose'.

Corner Boy's Mick D'Arcy said the image of two boys with cardboard boxes on their heads with the houses as a backdrop was 'the most Wexford thing that's ever been taken'.

Padraig said he was proud and delighted to have the 1994 photograph of the Green used by the band.

'They are a great bunch. I did a photo shoot with them last week,' said Padraig.

He said the band members were frequent visitors to his gallery in Rowe Street.

'I had the photograph in the window and they coming in and bringing other people with them and then they asked me how I would feel if they used it,' said Padraig.

'I said it would be fantastic and that's pretty much how it happened.'

Asked if he would get any royalties, Padraig said, 'we negotiated a limited release'.

The Corner Boy cover is the second one of Padraig's photographs has graced and follows one used by Pierce Turner on his 2001 album 'Three Minute World'.

'Untie the Noose' is due to be launched at the Dun Mhuire Theatre on Saturday, April 18.

Mick D'Arcy said that as band that spent a lot of its time touring, Corner Boy wanted to pick artwork and imagery related to the town and its people.

'It's the most Wexford thing that's ever been taken, with two kids out in the street using a bit of imagination. It says a lot about the town and our own music.. both are about letting yourself go,' he said.

Corner Boy has a number of gigs coming up in Dublin, at the Sugar Club and Whelans, plus a host of summer festivals before heading to Europe where their single 'Morning Morning' made Number Three in the Dutch charts.

'We're also going to bring out at EP with a collection of five of our songs and have something big planned in Wexford, although that's all under wraps for now,' said Michael. Tickets for the Dun Mhuire launch are available at the booking office in High Street.

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