Sunday 17 December 2017

Tara Foster pushes ahead on her three month cycle around Ireland

By Amy Lewis

Tara has a hug for Wexford at the Hook.
Tara has a hug for Wexford at the Hook.

Australian resident Tara Foster has received numerous invites since kicking off her Around Ireland On A Pushie Challenge, including to 30 weddings, one funeral and even an invite to sea swim with a nudist colony.

The 36-year-old TV producer got the wheels in motion on her adventure, which will see her spend three months cycling around Ireland. First stop on her tour was Wexford, where she has been getting to know the local sights and people.

Throughout recent days, Tara has given a talk to school kids in Gorey Community School, co-hosted South East Radio with Tony Scott and visited some of the local sights. She has also been getting to know some of the members of Wexford band Cornerboy, who she said have provided the backing track to both her gruelling training regime and the challenge itself.

The next leg of Tara's trip will take her to Galway, where she will fight as a knight with Medieval Armoured Combat Ireland. She will also try her hand at some stand up comedy in Cork and participate in the Mud Festival in Longford.

Tara's suggestion that she would make a great plus one to a wedding has resulted in her receiving over 30 invites from across the country. She has also been asked to a funeral, on numerous dates and on a sea swim with a nudist colony. Despite her popularity, Tara has had to turn many of these down due to them being too far away or, in the case of the latter, in too cold conditions!

Around Ireland with a Pushie was taken on by Tara following a number of different events in her life.

'The idea was born out of being bored with my normal nine to five job, a friend who bicycled from Sydney to Melbourne on a $50 bicycle and Tony Hawks book "Around Ireland with a Fridge"' explained Tara, who is originally from New Jersey. 'It is an adventure in helping all different people know that they can reach their dreams. It is also to show that women are able to travel solo without prejudice - you just need to be smart about it.'

Through her challenge, Tara also hopes to spread some goodwill by raising money for Make a Wish Ireland and Make a Wish Australia.

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