Sunday 20 October 2019

Taxi drivers join in national strike

WEXFORD'S TAXI DRIVERS got out from behind the wheel last Thursday to participate in a threehour national strike.

Twelve drivers carried placards at the taxi rank in Redmond Square in a bid to get the taxi regulator to put a three year freeze on the issue of new cab licences.

Shane Freeney, who operates Shane's Cabs, was one of those participating in the three hour strike from 12 noon until 3 p.m.

'This was a national protest by taxi drivers. We want them to put a hold on the issue of taxi licences and gaurantee it for at least three years,' he said, adding that presently there are 'far too many' taxi licences.

He added that the taxi drivers also want enforcement improved throughout the country to ensure that people operating as taxis are properly insured and licenced.

Mr. Freeney said he was happy with the turn out in Wexford for the strike, and said that drivers who were not on the taxi rank picket line were still not working on the day.

'Some of the drivers just decided to stay at home for the three hours,' he said.

He added that elderly shoppers in Dunnes Stores were facilitated by the taxi drivers because of the 'bad day'. 'We arranged for other cars to bring some of our elderly customers home free of charge, so no one was really inconvenienced,' he said.

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