Saturday 16 December 2017

TD Browne criticises the speed van system

Deputy John Browne criticised the role played by mobile speed detection vans on the roads around Wexford at yesterday's meeting of Wexford's Joint Policing Committee.

Speaking on the use of the speed vans, Deputy Browne, pictured, said 'they seem to be more for making money than anything else.'

The comment came after Chief Supt John Roche told the committee that mobile speed detection vans had caught 928 people speeding in August alone. Chief Supt Roche said that speed was still the biggest factor in all fatalities and collisions on Wexford's roads and that speed detection vans were placed in areas where road fatalities had occured since 2011.

Deputy Browne responded: 'I think I'd have to disagree in relation to the speed vans. I think that they seem to be more for making money than anything else - as do a lot of people. For example you regularly have a speed van on the Arklow bypass there, or at the roundabout at Clough or coming out of Ferns. I don't recall any bad accidents taking place there.'

'I can assure you, we try to put speed vans in areas where collisions have happened,' responded Chief Supt Roche. 'For example we had a collision just north of Clough there, and that's just one I can recall from the examples you've listed.'

Cllr Declan MacPartlin also criticised the placement of a speed van on a particular stretch of road in Gorey on the old N11 where the speed limit is 80 km/h on one part of the road and 100 km/h on another. 'They're absolutely coining it in up there,' he said.

Chief Supt Roche replied: 'That's not really an issue for us, it's for the RSA. The vans are placed where fatal accidents have taken place in the past two or three years. I think they are up for review at the end of the year. It's my view though that if there's nil detection, then the speed vans are in the wrong place, not the other way around.'

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