Wednesday 14 November 2018

Teenager attempted suicide after months of bullying

Wexford General Hospital.
Wexford General Hospital.


A teenager offered a place at a County Wexford school to escape bullies, is recovering following several days in intensive care at Wexford General Hospital after attempting to take her own life.

The 18 year old reportedly attempted suicide because of constant bullying by two other girls at her school in County Carlow and was admitted to the hospital last week.

According to her mother, her daughter had suffered bullying by the two girls since last September, consisting of physical, psychological and cyber bullying, including having her Facebook page hacked.

The two girls reportedly made comments about her sexuality and said she was 'HiV' positive.

The bullying had gone unnoticed for several months and only came to light In December.

At this stage, her mother said she would find a new school and the teenager was offered a place in Wexford.

However, the girl was again accosted by the bullies on social media and earlier this month attempted to take her own life.

Her mother was quoted as saying that bullying should be tackled head on by school authorities and warned other parents to be vigilant about it and the 24/7 presence on social media.

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