Sunday 20 October 2019

Teenager used stolen imitation gun to rob €1,000 from takeaway

A SIXTEEN year old who robbed a well known Wexford takeaway after breaking into a nearby business was a dealt with at the District Court in Gorey. The offences were committed when the Wexfod teenager was just fourteen. He was brought to Gorey from St. Patrick's Institution where he is serving a sentence imposed for another crime.

Probation and social worker reports were available to Judge William Early. The defendant's father was present in court to hear Garda Inspector Pat Cody summarise a series of crimes. The accused was one of four who broke into Hamilton's at 53 North Main Street in Wexford.

The gang filled black sacks with a range of items including lap-tops and baseball caps which they then put in wheelie bins, intending to pick them up later. The goods were left in such a state that they were unfit for sale. As part of the €9,232 haul, the raiders also took an imitation AKA and handgun.

Three of them, including the youth before the court on Wednesday, then appeared in the nearby Abrakebabra with the weapons, grabbing €1,000 in cash. The defendant also admitted stealing a box of lager from Pettitt's supermarket on December 4, 2009.

An incident at a hostel, the Daffodil care centre in Oulart was also mentioned. The accused was a resident there at the time – on October 17, 2009 – when he obstructed a Garda who was dealing with another young man. Afterwards, he was moved to a residential facility in County Cavan where he appeared to be doing well for a while.

He was a member of a successful football team and took his Junior Cert, as well as working in a garage.

However, he then came off the rails and, earlier this year, racked up four convictions for assault, one for criminal damage and one for attempted robbery – hence his presence in St. Patrick's.

Defending solicitor Ed King said it was too early to give up on his client, though he admitted that reports on the defendant made grim reading. The father said his son was getting on well at St. Pat's, where he is due to finish his current sentence before the end of the month.

The judge did not hand down any verdict but adjourned the case to await an HSE report with proposals for the teenager's future accommodation and schooling.

He indicated that any sentence recorded for the crimes committed in County Wexford would be suspended if the accused behaved.

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