Saturday 21 September 2019

Tenders not for publication

DETAILS OF tenders submitted by contractors for local government projects are not for publication, officials have insisted. The matter was raised by independent Cllr. Declan MacPartlin who complained that he had been told previously by officials that the figures on the documents put on unsuccessful tenders were covered by the Data Protection Act.

He said he had made enquiries and discovered that the DPA covered individual people – not companies. Director of engineering services Eddie Taaffe responded that the procedures observed were those laid down by the Department of Finance. He said there was an 'issue' with making tenders public.

Cllr. MacPartlin called for transparency and the director indicated that he was prepared to release figures to councillors but was concerned about them being published by the press. He explained that the firm which put in the successful, lowest tender might have a problem with the gap between their price and the price submitted by the runner up.

' The runner up didn't want the job,' suggested the public representative from Camolin. He was told that officials would check the regulations.

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