Friday 17 January 2020

Terrerath road closure concerns

The closed road at Terrerath
The closed road at Terrerath

David Looby at Wexford County Council meeting

Councillors from the New Ross district expressed concern about the length of time it is taking for a plan of action to be agreed to reopen a road in Terrerath.

A road was closed in Terrerath in March after the council received a report that Terrerath castle was a dangerous structure, which could fall onto the road at some point.

Cllr Martin Murphy said the road closure is annoying local residents.

Director of Services Tony Larkin said the road closure has caused a certain amount of inconvenience for residents, but stressed the need for the road to remain closed as the castle is unstable.

'We are in discussions with the department on the matter. This is a protected structure; it's a monument that needs to be appropriately managed. To fix a problem like this is not cheap; it's complex and detailed reports have been done up on it. Permission for works to proceed is needed'

Mr Larkin said. Cllr Willie Fitzharris said the alternative route available to residents is inadequate for heavy vehicles and machinery. 'There have been a couple of accidents already. When you have a field 300 yards away and have to go three and a half kilometres to get to it, it's far from ideal. There is a lot of concern about it.'

Cllr John Fleming asked if the bypass road can be opened ahead of the completion of works on the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy bridge, saying that would alleviate the traffic situation.

'The local road is very narrow and dangerous.'

Director of Services for Roads Eamonn Hore said Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) have been asked to look at the road at Clohamon and Ballycarney.

He said there is no problem with sight distance at Ballycarney, adding that there was a plan to put a right hand lane on the road.

'The TII did public lighting on it and carried out work on it,' Mr Hore said.

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