Saturday 17 August 2019

Text alert schemes need to be run correctly

By Esther Hayden

Community alert programmes can be very beneficial in a community but it's important they are properly run.

Speaking at last week's meeting of Wexford Joint Policing committee member Margaret Quinn said that text alerts play an important role in community life.

'They can be very successful', she said, 'but not as a stand alone process. No message should go out unless it has been sanctioned by a member of the gardai. It has to managed and controlled and it won't be the answer to all ills.

'Many things that are reported won't be texted out to people for various reasons.'

She said a working group which had recently been set up was working very well and it allowed people to air their grievances with the programme and to highlight the positive elements of it. 'People were very heartened by the presence of Chief Superintendent John Roche at the last meeting of the group and it was a good positive meeting.'

Ms Quinn said that 'people's expectations of the scheme had to be reasonable' but said it was an effective system when used correctly.

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