Friday 19 January 2018

Text alert schemes 'not the answer to all our problems'

By Amy Lewis

Community text alert schemes are not the answer to all of our problems, according to Community Alert Development Officer for the South East Region Margaret Quinn.

Ms Quinn made her comment at the recent Joint Policing Committee meeting following the discussion of the schemes in the annual work plan. She said that expectations of these schemes can sometimes be 'fairly unrealistic'.

'People think they are the answer to all of our problems but they are not,' she said. 'They have to be managed and controlled.

'We need to bear two things in mind. No text should be sent out unless it has been sanctioned by a Garda. Public liability insurance must also be in place.'

Highlighting some issues that have occurred with such schemes in other parts of the country, Ms Quinn added that the text alert schemes should be run through organisations that are already in place.

'Text alert is useful but it has to be controlled and expectations have to be fairly realistic,' she continued.

Wexford currently has 36 community text alert schemes in place.

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