Sunday 20 October 2019

That tax needs to go towards insulation

James Browne Fianna Fail Ethy. Town Council Candidate.
James Browne Fianna Fail Ethy. Town Council Candidate.

WE LIVE in interesting times. Cllr James Browne, son of Deputy John, cut loose recently at the Government for imposing carbon tax which will add a couple of euro to the price of a bag of coal.

The councillor denounced the move as sneaky as it has been brought in at the beginning of summer, just as home heating becomes less of a strain on household budgets. The impact of the new imposition will only become apparent to most householders when autumn chills begin to bite.

James Browne, right, realises that many of the poorer voters in the Wexford constituency are the ones most dependent on coal to keep the cold at bay. On the other hand, the carbon tax is the politically correct response to the undoubted threat to our planet posed by the burning of fossil fuel. If only the authorities in China would adopt the same attitude to tackling the pollution that hovers over their vast cities.

Cllr Browne would better employed campaigning to ensure that the money raised by the latest fundraiser does not disappear into general Government expenditure. It should be earmarked for schemes to improve insulation in Irish homes. This would have the advantage not only of reducing greenhouse gases but also of creating employment, while reducing the fuel bills that concern the councillor and his constituents.

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