Saturday 24 August 2019

The chipper who has no problem with the plan

OWNER of the Cafolla traditional fish and chip shop in Wexford, George Golea, has no objection to displaying the calorie content on his menu board should it become mandatory.

Mr. Golea believes that the initiative is a 'good idea'.

'We need more to look for more information on food and give the same to the customers', he said.

Mr. Golea, who has run the chipper at Thomas Clarke Place for the past four years, said that ' business is steady' and he doubts that displaying calories on the menu boards will have any affect on his business.

He believes that when a person decides they would like to eat fast food they are fully aware that the calorie content is going to be high, so displaying the exact figure is unlikely to affect their decision.

Calorie content is not currently displayed on the menu board at Cafolla, however Mr Golea says that he has no hesitation in implementing the new measure if it is brought into law.

In preparation he has already started taking a closer look at ways in which he can positively address the calorie content contained in some of his dishes.

Recently he took the decision to begin using vegetable lard in place of animal fat lard which they previously used. The vegetable version he claims is less fattening.

Mayonnaise was another popular ingredient which he decided to swop for a less fattening alternative. He now uses a gluten and lactose free version which contains fewer calories.

Mr. Golea said that he is certain that there is more which businesses can do to tackle the calorie content in fast food without compromising the taste.

Bearing in mind these changes which can be made in fast food preparation, Mr. Golea is certain that businesses, like his own, should not be concerned at the prospect of having to display the calorie content on their menu boards.

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