Thursday 14 December 2017

'The media coverage is disgraceful'


THE TAOISEACH should not have gone on air early Tuesday morning for his now controversial interview on Morning Ireland.

That's according to Junior Minister Seán Connick, who said this week that in hindsight the Taoiseach perhaps should not have done the interview, having had a late night.

'It seems that what people weren't happy about was that he sounded groggy, there was nothing controversial and he made a slip of tongue but that could happen anyone, people thought he wasn't prepared,' said Minister Connick.

However, Minister Connick believes the furore that erupted during the past week over what is regarded as a less-thanimpressive performance by the Taoiseach on RTÉ is a 'media-led campaign' against the leader.

'Some of the coverage is disgraceful,' said Minister Connick. ' The whole thing took off when the issue was raised that the Taoiseach sounded like he had a hangover or was drunk. He has apologised and it's time to move on.

' The Taoiseach obviously felt fit to give the interview – other than that I'm sure he wouldn't do it,' he added.

According to Deputy Connick there is ' no issue' within the party over the Taoiseach's performance live on air.

'It was a frenzied personal attack. I think the portrayal of what happened on the night and the reaction the next morning was based on ill-informed commentary,' said Sean, who sang Bagatelle's 'Summer in Dublin' during the session in the hotel where the Taoiseach was up telling yarns and impersonating legendary GAA commentator Micheál Ó Muircheartaigh and told two stories about a famous Irish golfer.

'OK, the Taoiseach had a few pints, but I wouldn't class him as being drunk and falling around the place. It was a low enough key affair, it wasn't people jumping around the place,' added the Wexford TD, who went to bed at 2.45 a.m.

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