Monday 19 August 2019

the traditional library

tion this floor will feature moveable furniture, to allow for activities such as lectures and various functions to take place.

The second floor resembles the more traditional idea of a library. It is intended that this floor be perceived as 'an active learning environment' with conventional books and also e-books available on loan. There will also be a download area where music and film will be available.

Finally, the third floor is geared towards the academic, resembling a college library. This area is designed to enable group research to take place, an activity which is extremely difficult in the current library because of noise and the lack of proper lighting.

There will be a dedicated study space and computers with licensed databases available for use free of charge. It is on this floor that those interested in local studies will find newspapers on microfilm and other such archives.

Celebrated Wexford author, Eoin Colfer, believes that the new library will have a very role to play in the community.

When asked about the significance of Wexford Library in his own life, this is what he had to say:

'I learned to read at home but I learned to love books in a library. When I look back on my childhood a large chunk of my happy memories were made in the local library with my father and brother.

'We read books there that we would never have found in a bookstore and we read more there than we ever could have afforded. Without the library I honestly don't think I could have sustained my interest in books for long enough to become a writer'.

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