Sunday 18 August 2019

'There'll be an accident'

PEOPLE are risking their lives criss-crossing the busy Newtown Road due to an absence of footpaths, according to Cllr Philomena Roche.

Cllr. Roche told last week's meeting that the footpaths from Wexford Racecourse to the Maldron Hotel are disjointed, in that sections of the road on either side have no footpath.

'People have to cross over the road to access a footpath at different points,' she pointed out. 'There's going to be an accident either involving a child or an elderly person.'

Cllr. Roche asked for footpaths to be built as a matter of urgency. 'This has become a very busy road in the past ten years. The population has increased and you have the Maldron Hotel there too. You also have children walking to school and adults walking and jogging.'

Cllr. Roche said residents welcomed news that lighting is to be installed.

Wexford People

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