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Throwing new light on the 1798 rebellion

The National 1798 Rebellion Centre.
The National 1798 Rebellion Centre.

By Esther hayden

There will be a two day workshop in the 1798 Rebellion Centre this month as part of Heritage Week.

The workshop, which is an initiative between Wexford County Council and The National 1798 Rebellion Centre, Enniscorthy, with the support and assistance of the National Museum of Ireland, will take place on Saturday, August 22 and Monday, August 25 from 12 p.m. until 6 p.m. daily.

'Show and Tell 1798' will be manned by experts in the area of archaeology, archiving and folklore, who will be on-hand to discuss all findings and stories with visitors.

This two-day event is part of 'The Longest Day' Research Project, an initiative of Wexford County Council to discover the events, locations, and story of the 1798 Rebellion in Enniscorthy, from May 28 to June 30, 1798.

The 'Longest Day Research Project' is a multi-disciplinary research project designed to throw new light upon one of the most important field engagements in Irish history. On June 21, 1798, some 20,000 Wexford men, women and children faced an army of 10,000 trained soldiers on the slopes of Vinegar Hill outside Enniscorthy. For five hours they held their position before falling back through a gap in the Crown Forces lines towards the Wexford road. A highly effective rearguard action, along with a heroic defence of the bridge in Enniscorthy, allowed the main force of rebels to escape, although some 1,500 lay dead upon the Hill.

If you have artefacts relating to the 1798 Rebellion in Wexford, why not bring them along, and have their existence recorded by the Centre and National Museum, or if you have stories handed down from generation-to-generation about the Rebellion, the organisers would love to hear and record them for posterity.

All finds of archaeological objects, by law, belong to the State if there is no known owner, and if the find is of particular importance, the National Museum may wish to preserve it in their collection for posterity, in which case, a reward will be paid to the finder.

Booking for 'Show and Tell 1798' is recommended and can be done on 087 2219302 or

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