Sunday 18 March 2018

'To say there was litter at every step is not an exaggeration' - Judges

TIDY TOWNS JUDGES have confirmed what the Wexford People pointed out two weeks ago: that despite the many good efforts being made, litter is still a major problem in Wexford town.

And like ourselves, it gave them no pleasure to point out what was plain for all to see, but chose to do so in the hope of inspiring even more action to try stop the blight on our streets.

'It is an unfortunate fact, but the abiding impression was the litter in the Main Streets and in many of the alleyways leading to the Quays,' the official report states.

'It is difficult to be critical as we know you have been trying hard. However, we must be truthful and in doing so, hopefully be helpful,' it adds.

'To say that litter was to be seen everywhere and at every step in the Main Street area is not an exaggeration. Two of the alleyways leading to the Quay were so littered and dirty that it was almost repulsive to walk through them,' the report states.

While the judges accept that the problem may be worse at weekends than during the week, they still point out that more needs to be done, and wonder if the local authority could not provide extra help to try progress 'in a difficult category for you'.

'We do not know what sort of surveillance or litter pick-up is available on Saturdays, but a Saturday plan of action for this area is extremely badly needed. We hope that on the other days of the week that this is not the scene in the lovely characterful Main Street areas,' the report states.

With this newspaper having been attacked at the last Borough Council meeting for making the same observations, it will be interesting to see if some of our main critics - such as council official Adrian Doyle and councillors Phil Roche, Fergie Kehoe, and Anthony Kelly - now also go on to attack the Tidy Towns judges.

Or maybe they'll now accept what we've already told them, instead of trying to turn a blind eye to the patently obvious truth.

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