Sunday 17 December 2017

TO THE EDITOR I'm fed up with zero tolerance!

Dear Sir,

I was appalled to read in last week's edition of the couple who were clamped in Rosslare Europort for being a few minutes over time.

This is putting out the wrong messages for tourists coming to this country.

Who is going to wake up and ' smell the roses' before we destroy our country with 'rules and regulations'.

We can bring Obama and the Queen here every week, but if we if we don't change the way we go about things ( e. g. breathalysing, smoking ban etc) then they might have stayed at home.

Let's go back to the old days and welcome our tourists back here again and again without the fear of being clamped or breathalysed for having a pint with lunch or being fined for doing 5km/h over the limit by one of the sneaky speed vans on roads where there are no accidents.

I hope common sense prevails with those in high office.

Yours Sincerely, Shay Masterson, Garrison Road, Hightown, Ballymitty.

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