Tuesday 20 August 2019

Top chef Kevin fears a logistical nightmare

INTRODUCING CALORIE counts in restaurants where there are ever evolving menus would be a ' logistical nightmare'.

This is according to famed chef Kevin Dundon. Recognising that there is a growing issue in Ireland in relation to obesity, Kevin believes that only certain food outlets allow for labelling calories on their menus.

'Fast food outlets that have a standard menu all year round allow quite easily for a calorie count to be put on their menus,' said Kevin.

'Somewhere like Dunbrody House or similar places, where we have an evolving menu, it would be a logistical nightmare for us to facilitate and be accurate with our calorie count,' he explained.

'My view on eating food is everything in moderation,' he added. 'When you come here it's for a special occasion, you're all dressed up and looking your best and the last thing you want is to be hit with negativity in terms of calories'.

For restaurants like his to analyse what calorie count is in each product is a 'tall task', said Kevin, who feels this latest proposal is an 'impractical measure'.

'It would be a very rash policy to put in place. Not a huge amount of thought has gone into it as to the practicality for restaurants who change menus on a daily basis to implement this proposal,' added Kevin, who says that he would have to employ another person just to detail the calorie content of each dish.

According to Kevin this latest move will burden restaurants with another cost. 'We employ 50 people in a rural community, the people behind these proposals need to sit back and think about what they are doing before they implement it,' he said.

His gut reaction to the proposal is not to place calorie details on his menu. 'My gut is saying no. I don't want to distract people who are coming out here for a good time; it could have a negative impact on business and guests' experience,' he said. 'The other option I think is to have calorie option menus available upon request - I'm a firm believer of choice,' added Kevin.

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